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Here is a real user case of summarizing the long YouTube content. “GPT-4o is WAY More Powerful than Open AI is Telling us…” by MattVidPro AI.

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iWeaver Summarizes GPT-4o is WAY More Powerful than OpenAI is Telling us…

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⏯️ Brief summaryThe GPT-4.0 model is a groundbreaking multi-modal AI that can generate text, process images and audio, interpret video, and understand emotions.

🎦 Abstract

1. The new GPT-4 model has impressive capabilities, including lightning-fast text generation and the ability to understand and interpret audio and video.

【00:00-02:00】 The GPT-4 model is a multi-modal AI that can process images, understand audio, and interpret video.

【02:00-03:50】 GPT-4 can generate high-quality text at a lightning-fast speed, opening up new possibilities for text generation.【03:50-06:50】 GPT-4 can perform complex tasks like creating charts and even playing text-based games in real-time.

2. GPT-4 has the potential to revolutionize AI development with its advanced capabilities in text and audio generation.

【06:50-07:50】 GPT-4 offers endless possibilities for creating AI models that can generate audio and images based on input data.

【07:50-09:45】 GPT-4’s audio generation capabilities include producing high-quality human-sounding voices and potentially generating music.【09:45-13:00】 GPT-4 can differentiate between speakers in audio and has the potential to recreate presentations and analyze sounds in the future.

3. The video showcases the impressive image generation capabilities of GPT-4, including generating realistic images and consistent character designs.

【13:00-14:00】 GPT-4’s image generation capabilities are mind-blowing, producing photo-realistic images and consistent character designs.

【14:00-15:00】 Examples demonstrate GPT-4’s ability to generate text and images, including first-person robot journal entries and consistent cartoon character designs.【15:00-19:00】 GPT-4 can generate images based on prompts, convert poems into handwritten style, and create commemorative coin designs.

4. OpenAI’s GPT-4 AI model showcases impressive capabilities in image generation, font creation, logo design, and 3D image reconstruction, with fast and accurate results.

5. OpenAI’s GPT-4 is a powerful AI model that can perform real-time coding assistance, answer questions, and even understand videos.

【19:00-26:00】 GPT-4 can assist with real-time coding, answer questions, and identify the origin of objects from photos. It has limited video understanding capabilities, but OpenAI is working on improving this.

【26:00-27:00】 GPT-4 has limitations in natively understanding video files, but OpenAI is developing a model called Soarra that can understand videos as text.【27:00-28:17】 OpenAI’s GPT-4 is a significant advancement in AI technology, and its speed and capabilities raise questions about OpenAI’s methodology and the future of open-source AI.

Here is a Mind Map of GPT-4o is WAY More Powerful than OpenAI is Telling

Full Transcript of YouTube Video

00:00-01:00 I gotta a say guys truthfully opening eye blue my mind on monday I don’t know about you but there real time companion in their her clone shocked me to say the least I introduce very cutie what’s your name this iser well hello bother are just the most aable little I did do a over video o like recappping the event but as it turns out there is ail a lot more to onecover here than first meets the eye for example did you know that this model can somehow generate imagessh the AI generateerd images I’ve ever seen point blank period what’s going on there’s also quite a few other capabilities that open a eye just kind kept under wraps so let’s start out here with what we do know obviously we know that the model thats powering everything under the this insee real time a I assistance iscalled the g p t four o and oans for oy in the reason…

01:00-02:00 Call the omney is because it’s the first truly multi Mo AI and simple termss actually brought you by g p t foro its itself multitime model just means that the AI can understand and generate more than one type of data instead of just working with text text for example g p t four o k process images it can understand audio natively and it can even sort of interpret video the old g p t for turbo was splied into two or three separate models arem not precisely sure it might of taking images in natively or might have been using a separate model to part those images into text don’t really know either way we absolutely no for a fact that it did not natively support audio yes the old g p four APP didn’t have the ability for you two talks who it with your voice but that was using a separate model that was called whisper v three that would just take eradeo and transcri it into tax don’give be wrong it was great to taking your voice and transfer begin at the text but that is all it did it can hear…..

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