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You don’t need to remember everything, but you do.

What You Can Save with AI Knowledge Management Tool?

Knowledge, Answers, Ideas. One Click to Get.

You can record, retain, organize, tag, filter, represent, and ultimately apply your knowledge in everyday life and professional projects with the aid of the iWeaver AI knowledge management tool. Now, it’s time to enhance decision-making capabilities in your next content.

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How iWeaver Can Help as AI Knowledge Management Tool?

Save and find items more easily, than ever.


Just Ask Your AI Agent, All Answered

iWeaver enables you to train your personal AI agent for knowledge management, by which you can just ask, and then you’ll get related topics, article recommendations in your knowledge base, content mind map generation, automatic content summary for one-click copy and paste, essay outlines, video scripts, and more—you name it.

Ask AI for Knowledge Management
AI organize and search content in one click

better organize & search

Save & Find Everything in Your AI Knowledge Base

Everything you have saved and read is in one place for review, writing, bookmarking, etc. Easily search and find your notes, files, documents, and web pages by asking your AI agent or restricted labels. Find and organize is easy!

AI Writing tool

AI Recommendations: Writing Smarter and Faster

Automatically recommend related knowledge contents you’ve read for writing reference, or just give you new insights on what topic or further question should be written or asked when you write reports, articles, blogs, news, essays, or notes.

AI Writing Tool

Ready to Train Your Personal AI Knowledge Management Agent?

Use iWeaver AI to save the content you care about and use it anytime, anywhere, in any format, without having to remember anything