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Image to text AI

These days, being able to pull text from images is a really useful. Whether you’re running a business, studying, or just managing your day-to-day stuff, image to text AI tool can save you a ton of time and hassle. Let’s talk about why this tech is so useful, how iWeaver AI makes coverting Image to Text AI easy, and a simple guide to getting text from images.

When to Use Image to Text AI?

1. Business and Office Work

In the business world, you often have to deal with scanned documents, invoices, receipts, and reports. Turning the text from these images into digital format makes data entry, storage, and searching way easier. It cuts down on errors and saves a lot of time.

2. School and Research

Students and researchers often deal with printed materials like books and journals that they need to turn into digital text for taking notes or referencing. Image-to-text AI makes this super easy, helping them gather and organize information quickly.

3. Accessibility

For people with visual impairments, converting text in images to a readable format, which can then be read aloud, makes information much more accessible.

4. Content Creation

Bloggers, writers, and content creators frequently need to pull quotes, data, or other info from images. Image-to-text AI makes this fast and accurate, eliminating the need for tedious manual transcription.

iWeaver AI: Convert Image to Text and More

iWeaver AI is a powerful tool that handles various types of content, including images. It can quickly turn images into text, but it also goes further. iWeaver can summarize the extracted text or even create a mind map, making it a comprehensive solution for managing and creating content.

Key Features of iWeaver AI:

  1. Quick Conversion: iWeaver AI extracts text from images in no time, saving you effort and hassle.
  2. Advanced Summarization: Besides just extracting text, iWeaver can summarize the content, pulling out key points for easy understanding.
  3. Mind Mapping: For more complex info, iWeaver can create mind maps that visually organize the text, helping you understand and plan better.

How to Convert Image to Text AI with iWeaver Step by Step?

Step 1: Access iWeaver AI

First, log in to your iWeaver AI account. If you don’t have one yet, you can easily sign up for a free account.

iWeaver Image to Text AI

Step 2: Upload the Image

After logging in to dashboard, simply click the “Picture” button to start uploading or paste a link of your image resources if only it’s recognized. You can also upload pictures in bulk.

Upload the Image

Step 3: Preview Extracted Text via Summary

Once uploaded, iWeaver AI will automatically summarize the content of your image so that you can have a quick view and understanding of the picture.

You can continue choosing “View Original Content” and “Show” tabs to see the original text extracted from the pictures or images.

View Original Picture Content
Show Original Picture Content

Step 4: Review and Copy the Extracted Text

Once the text is extracted and show up, you can see the full converted text on your screen with the options of copying and editing. Review it to make sure it’s accurate. You can edit the text if needed.

covert image to text with AI

Step 5: Additional Processing (Optional)

If you want to create a summary or mind map, choose the respective options. iWeaver AI will analyze the text and give you a concise summary or a visual mind map to help you understand and organize the info better.

convert image to mind map

Step 6: Save and Sync

Finally, save the extracted text, summary, or mind map to your iWeaver account. The tool syncs your data across different platforms, so you can access your info anytime, anywhere.


iWeaver image to text AI has revolutionized how we handle visual information. By converting images into readable and editable text, tools like iWeaver AI boost productivity, accessibility, and content creation. With its quick conversion, summarization, and mind mapping features, iWeaver AI is a go-to solution for extracting and managing information from images. Follow these simple steps to harness the power of iWeaver AI and streamline your workflow.

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