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Intel's Computex 2024

Computex 2024, held from June 4 to June 7 in Taipei, Taiwan, is one of the largest PC-focused tech trade shows globally. This year’s event showcases a variety of new technologies and innovations from leading tech companies, focusing heavily on AI advancements and next-generation hardware.

Intel is expected to reveal more details about its Lunar Lake mobile CPUs and Arrow Lake desktop CPUs, with CEO Pat Gelsinger giving a keynote on their next-generation data center and client computing products​.

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Intel’s New processors, accelerators, and Lunar Lake at Computex 2024

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Intel's New processors, accelerators, and Lunar Lake at Computex 2024

📔 Brief summaryIntel unveiled new processors, accelerators, and the Lunar Lake client processor architecture at Computex 2024, showcasing their intensified focus on AI across various computing segments.

📖 Abstract

1. Intel introduced the Xeon 6 processors, featuring Efficient-cores, designed for high-density, scale-out workloads. These processors deliver substantial rack-level performance and power efficiency gains, enabling data centers to achieve a 3:1 rack consolidation and up to 4.2x performance and 2.6x performance per watt improvements over previous generations.

2. Gaudi 2 and Gaudi 3 AI accelerator kits are designed to make AI more accessible and affordable. These accelerators deliver high performance for AI workloads, particularly in generative AI training and inference. In an 8,192-accelerator cluster, Gaudi 3 offers a 40 percent faster time-to-train and a 2x faster inference speed compared to NVIDIA’s H100 GPU on popular language models.

3. Lunar Lake is Intel’s next-gen client processor architecture aimed at driving the next generation of AI-enabled PCs. It promises up to 40 percent lower system-on-chip (SoC) power and over 3x AI compute capability compared to the current-gen Meteor Lake. Lunar Lake features new Performance-cores and Efficient-cores, a faster NPU, and an all-new GPU design called Battlemage.

4. Intel has shown a sense of urgency in AI innovation by delivering next-generation technologies ahead of schedule. In just six months, Intel went from launching 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors to introducing the newest member of the Xeon 6 family. They also previewed Gaudi AI accelerators and offered a cost-effective, high-performance GenAI training and inference system. Intel has ushered in the AI PC era with its Meteor Lake Core Ultra processors and now unveils the next client architecture, Lunar Lake.

5. Xeon 6 processors offer improved performance and energy efficiency, leading to significant cost savings and sustainability benefits for data centers. Gaudi AI accelerators lower the barriers to AI adoption by providing a cost-effective alternative to more expensive AI training and inference solutions.

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Intel’s AI-driven Solutions at Computex 2024

At Computex 2024, Intel unveiled a suite of AI-driven solutions and innovations aimed at enhancing computing performance and efficiency. Key highlights include the next-generation Lunar Lake and Arrow Lake CPUs, which boast significant improvements in AI performance. The Lunar Lake chips, set for release in Q3 2024, feature integrated GPUs with the new Xe2 architecture, delivering up to 60 TOPS of AI performance—a 3.15x improvement over current-generation chips.

Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, highlighted these advancements during his keynote speech, emphasizing Intel’s commitment to leading the AI revolution in the tech industry. The new chips are designed to handle complex AI workloads efficiently, catering to both data center and client computing needs. These CPUs are particularly geared towards background AI tasks, with enhanced power efficiency and performance capabilities.

Additionally, Intel’s showcase at Computex 2024 included live demonstrations of these new chips, offering a glimpse into their practical applications and potential to revolutionize various sectors through advanced AI-driven solutions.

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