2 Best Ways to Transcribe TikTok Videos

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How to Transcribe Video from TikTok

With the rise of TikTok, a platform teeming with engaging and diverse video content, the need to transcribe videos has become increasingly prevalent. Transcribing TikTok videos can serve various purposes, from academic research to content creation and even personal organization. In this article, we will explore why you might need to transcribe TikTok videos, the challenges associated with it, and the methods available to achieve accurate transcriptions, including leveraging iWeaver AI.

Why Transcribe TikTok Videos

1. For Study and Research

Educational content on TikTok is abundant, ranging from quick tutorials to in-depth explanations on various subjects. Students and researchers might want to transcribe these videos to create detailed notes, highlight key points, or cite information accurately in their work. For example, a student learning a new language might transcribe TikTok videos in that language to practice and reinforce their learning.

2. For Content Creation

Content creators often draw inspiration from TikTok videos. Transcribing these videos allows creators to repurpose content into blogs, scripts, or subtitles for other platforms. For instance, a YouTuber might transcribe a popular TikTok recipe video to include the step-by-step instructions in their video description.

3. For Accessibility

Providing transcriptions for TikTok videos can significantly improve accessibility for hearing-impaired users. By transcribing the audio content, creators can ensure that their videos are inclusive and reach a wider audience. A business sharing promotional content on TikTok might transcribe their videos to cater to all potential customers.

4. For Interview Documentation

Interviews conducted on TikTok can be transcribed for easier analysis and reference. Journalists and researchers can benefit from transcribing these interviews to extract quotes and insights accurately. For example, a journalist covering a social issue might transcribe interviews with activists shared on TikTok to use in their article.

5. Webinars and Talk Shows

Educational or discussion-based content from TikTok can be transcribed to facilitate better understanding and documentation. Teachers and educators might transcribe TikTok videos to create lesson plans or discussion points for their classes.

6. Personal Organization

Users might want to transcribe their favorite videos for easier recall and reference in the future. For instance, someone planning a DIY project might transcribe instructional videos to follow along without needing to replay the video repeatedly.

Transcribe TikTok Videos Challenges

One of the primary challenges of transcribing TikTok videos is that most transcription tools and services cannot directly recognize or process TikTok video links. This limitation necessitates additional steps to convert the video into a format that can be handled by transcription software.

2 Methods to Transcribe TikTok Videos

1. Use iWeaver AI to Transcribe TikTok Videos


  • Versatile and Comprehensive: iWeaver AI can handle various types of content and save transcriptions for future use.
  • Enhanced Functionality: It provides features such as categorization, summarization, and easy recall of transcribed content.


  • Initial Setup Required: Users need to download the TikTok video and convert it into a suitable format before uploading it to iWeaver.


1. Download the TikTok Video:

Use a reliable TikTok video downloader to save the video to your device as an mp4 file. For example, a teacher wanting to transcribe an educational TikTok video on climate change can use a downloader to save the video locally.

2. Upload to iWeaver:
  • Navigate to the content upload section and select the downloaded TikTok video.
upload TikTok video to iWeaver for Transcription
3. Transcription Process:
  • Once uploaded, iWeaver AI will process the video and generate a transcription.
  • The transcription can be categorized, summarized, and saved for future reference. For instance, a content creator can categorize their transcriptions by topic, making it easy to find and reuse specific content later.
video transcription
4. Utilize Transcriptions:
  • Use the transcriptions for study, interviews, webinars, talk shows, or personal organization.
  • Easily recall and reuse the transcribed content as needed. For example, a student can quickly refer back to the transcriptions when studying for exams or writing papers.

2. Default Features to Transcribe TikTok Videos


  • Easy and Simple: TikTok’s built-in features are user-friendly and require minimal effort to use.
  • Quick Access: It provides immediate transcription capabilities within the app itself.


  • One-Time Use: The transcriptions are typically accessible only once and are not saved for future reference.
  • Limited Recall: If you need to refer back to the transcription at a later time, it might be difficult or impossible to retrieve.


  1. Open the TikTok App: Find the video you want to transcribe.
  2. Click three dot for more, and then “Transcript”.
  3. You’ll See the TikTok Video transcribed on the upper right.
Transcribe TikTok Videos and Links

Use TikTok’s Captioning Feature: If available, use TikTok’s automatic captioning to generate subtitles.

Manual Transcription: If automatic captions are not available or accurate, manually transcribe the content by typing it out as you watch the video.

By this way, you can transcribe TikTok Videos without links.


Transcribing TikTok videos can significantly enhance their usability across various domains. While TikTok’s default features offer a quick solution, iWeaver AI provides a more robust and versatile approach, albeit with a bit more initial effort. By downloading and converting TikTok videos before uploading them to iWeaver, users can leverage powerful AI tools to generate, categorize, and recall transcriptions efficiently, making the process seamless and beneficial in the long run.

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