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AI-Powered MInd mapping tool

One-Click Easy AI Mind Map Generator

Feel it difficult to create a mind map that accurately reflects your ideas and thoughts? Mind mapping become cluttered when too many ideas are added? Let the iWeaver AI Mind Mapping tool be your second brain and help you turn whatever content into an intuitive and informational mind map with clear structure.

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Diverse Mind Map Templates

Editable Mind Map Templates & Formats

iWeaver AI Mind Map Generator helps you generate mind maps in a hierarchical style, or you can decide what your mind maps look like. You can easily download your mind map to xmind, markdown, or svg. formats and then convert it into PDF as you like.

AI Knowledge Management

Further Analysis: More than Mind Mapping

iWeaver AI Mind Map Generator allows you to gain more insights and deep analysis before you make any decision.

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Analyze, Brainstorm, and Organize Content in One Place

Our AI Mind Map Generator enables streamlined features and workflows in paper research and content analysis, specially designed for researchers, students, writers, and anyone who deals with content understanding, analysis, and creation.

Diverse Formats Support

Generate summary for research papers, PDFs, eBooks, online article links, videos, news, audio files and more.

Easy Upload

Simply drag and drop to import files, enter the page link, or use our extension in Chrome or Edge for real-time results.

AI-powered Conversation

Ask or discuss with the AI agent any questions related to the uploaded files or online pages for deeper insight, Q&As, more than simple research paper mind maps.

Quick Snapshot & Outlines

Promptly get the key points or outlines from any content in seconds from the original text or long videos by iWeaver AI mind mapping tool.

Clean & Ad-Free Reading

Enable easy and clean content analysis experience by removing unnecessary ads, plug-ins and other irrelevant information from web pages or scientific journals, allowing you to focus on relevant content only.

Flexible Mind map Outcomes

Allow customize and change mind map results to suit your reading style, varying from a colors, text boxes, hierarchical structure, and more.

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Who is iWeaver AI for?

Our AI mind mapping tool is designed for students, researchers, writers, teachers, institutions, journalists, and any internet user who needs to quickly understand the essence of lengthy content and get immediate core insight by filtering weak arguments and speculation while highlighting most relevant points.

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iWeaver AI Mind Map Generator is for researchers who need to read a collection of research papers, PDFs, charts, graphs, or online academic journals and want quick insight and data organization.

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iWeaver is for journalists and editors who need to read and mind map from long articles, news, and stories for their newspaper or magazine creation and new insights.

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iWeaver AI Mind Map Generator is for students who need to quickly understand the structures of exam key points, papers, materials, eBooks, or any other long articles. It helps mapping information into a concise, easy-to-digest pieces.

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iWeaver AI tool is for teachers who want to brainstorm and understand a long document’s structures, chapter key points, online course, or exam syllabus for their students or convert documents to mind maps, concept maps, flashcards, graphics, etc.

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iWeaver AI is for anyone who reads and writes a lot and, meanwhile, wants to quickly understand the structures of other articles or novels to brainstorm more creative and unique writing.

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Our AI tool is for anyone with access to the Internet who needs to get the key points of long content like articles, videos, audio files, etc. With a mind map generator, you can understand the original article’s structure in a short time.

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