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Easily generate an AI-powered, accurate, structured summary for Youtube videos, or mp4., MOV., or other video formats from Vimeo, TikTok, DailyMotion, Instagram, Bilibili (B Site), or other long video contents.

With simple drag and drop, or just copy-paste the Youtube link to generate video summaries and reviews, greatly save your time!

AI video summarizer

How to Use iWeaver AI Video Summarizer?

Easily Summarize Youtube videos or other MP4 files in 3 steps.

You can either copy the YouTube video link and send it to the iWeaver AI chat box, or you can drag the video files on your computer to upload.

AI Summarized Videos
Step 2. Get Video Summary

Once you provide your content, iWeaver AI will return a structured summary and a script for your video.

Step 3. Further Review

You can simply read the Youtube video summary, script, or mind map to review the whole content, or you can discuss with or question your AI agent for more information.

Try iWeaver on Your Next Long Youtube Video to Get Quick Summary

Get the gist of any video in tens of seconds instead of hours,
No need to manually extract the entire video content or write a summary or extraction script from scratch. With iWeaver, you can easily extract key points from an hour-long audio or video file, saving you valuable time. It’s as simple as start, stop, finish.

Now you can try it online or add out extension to your Goolge Chrome for easier access.